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AmberUpdated 2 months ago

How long does the water stay structured? What does structured water mean? Will it stay structured longer in an enclosed yeti type cup? 

Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that's found in nature and our cells. It's the most bioavailable state of water. Structured water can stay in its condition for many days. However, the water condition depends on the surroundings and their disruptive forces (especially EMF, contaminants, strong direct sunlight,..) So, the longer the structured water is exposed to these undesirable effects, the greater loss of its quality. This is where you can learn more about it:

So my office is a little ways away from my bedroom. Do I carry it to my office every day, and then on to bedroom at night? Or do I leave it in my living room which is in between or do I use my meter to just play with and see what works? 

The effective radius of the Amber is 100 feet (2,800 sq feet) in all directions, and that penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings. So there is no need to move your Somavedic. You can keep it in one place where it works best for you.

Do you have the lab results? Have you had any 3 party labs tested? Is there a return policy? 

Somavedic devices have been tested throughout time by different independent laboratories, and all reports are available on our Science page here: We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so anybody can try it out and decide for themselves. We also offer a 5-year warranty.

What is the life expectancy of this (and other models) device? 

The life expectancy was set for five years, however, the very first Somavedics (13 years old) are still working, so we expect this to be much longer. You can recognize a fully functional device by the LEDs inside being lit when plugged in electricity. The warranty is five years and we replace the device with a new one if it doesn't work properly.

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of my somavedic and I think my family is too, but I had a question about placement. My home is about 50 feet wide and I put my Amber unit in the kitchen that is on one end of the house. I place it here so I can structure water to drink often(by the sink). I have a son who uses his phone a lot and he’s on the opposite end of the house. Can my Amber somavedic penetrate the ground to make that “bubble” shape area of protection? Would it be useful for me to get a lower end model to put upstairs, closer to my son’s bedroom? And for that matter, are the somavedics synergistic when protection fields overlap? 

The effective radius of the Amber is 100 feet (cca 2,800 sq feet) in all directions penetrating walls, floors, and ceilings so to answer your question, the protection area is also reaching your son's room, since your home is about 50 feet wide. The kitchen is a great and convenient place for Somavedic and constant water structuring. Other than that, the placing is absolutely up to you, although it's great to keep it somewhere where you spend the most time or place it in the center of your home so the effect can spread equally. Somavedics are very synergistic when having multiple at home and you can never have too many.

Can I move this from room to room throughout the day based on where I am residing in my home? 

You can but it is not necessary at all. The effective radius of the Amber is 100 feet (2,800 sq feet) in all directions and that penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings.

I work in a medical clinic based within a hospital but I sure could use at home too. Until it's in my budget for 2 is there a carrying case for it? 

Unfortunately, we do not have a carrying case for it but we would advise using the padded box that the Amber came with when you move it, so you protect it as much as you can. Because it is made of crystal glass, it is very fragile.

I am interesting in purchasing a couple of your products and wanted to learn more about the shipping company and delivery times. Is there a way to set a delivery date? 

The shipping timeline estimate begins after our warehouse fulfills your order and the shipping company is then chosen based on the availability. The fulfillment takes 1-2 business days.
If you live in the US, our USA - Standard shipping method usually takes 5 business days for your product to reach your doorstep. Expedited domestic shipping usually takes 3-4 business days to reach your door once the order is fulfilled. However, please note that carriers do NOT count weekend days in their quoted shipping estimates.

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes, you can pay with ShopPay Instalments at checkout. You can find more information about each product on our e-shop. For example here under "add to cart" -

We have a cell tower so close to our home it would hit our house if it fell over. Last year, they changed the tower to, at least partially, 5g. Once I purchased the Vedic I noticed an IMMEDIATE stop in my heart condition the tower had exacerbated for so long (so thank you for creating such an amazing product!) However this last week they worked on the tower again for several days, and I may be noticing my condition returning (but could be in my head or coincidence, not sure yet)…my question is is the Vedic strong enough to handle 5g that close? Do I need a second unit? What would you recommend for handling something so strong and so close? (besides moving, ha!)  

The Vedic can mitigate 5G effects on your body and cells, however when it comes to extreme conditions- such as 5G tower so close to your house- the Amber is the best choice as it´s 4x stronger than the Vedic- the coherent field created by the Amber is 4x denser/more intense than the Vedic. As we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, we would definitely give it a try so you can see for yourself.

Does one work for the whole house? Or do you need one in every room? 

One is usually enough for your house but that depends on how big your house is. The effective radius of most Somavedics (except for the Harmony) is 100 feet = 2,800 sq feet in all directions and that penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings.

If I measure emf before and after turning on the amber will the numbers actually change? 

Somavedics are not blocking the EMF, they rather neutralize/protect body cells against the EMF effects. This said you can´t measure the effects of Somavedic with an EMF meter. The effects can be however measured on bioresonance devices (we recommend the Bicom as it's been one of the best if not the best device in this field). The bioresonance devices measure body functions and the condition of the whole body, EMF and other burdens, etc. quite precisely.

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