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Vedic & Vedic - Visual imperfections

Where in the home should this be placed? I have a 4 bedroom colonial (1st floor open concept…2nd floor all bedrooms). Looking to protect my family and provide a better quality of life. The ideal place is in the center of your house so it can spread e


How long does the water stay structured? What does structured water mean? Will it stay structured longer in an enclosed yeti type cup?. Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that's found in nature and our cells. It's the most bioavailable stat


How much does it weigh?. The Sky weighs about 3lbs. How large is it? Dimensions?. The dimensions of the device are 5.9″ x 3″ x 5.9″ (WxHxD). Can I put this in a central location in the house so everyone can benefit from it?. Yes, this is the best loc


Can I only use the Luna?. Yes, you can. The Luna is not an add-on model to our other models but is designed to be a universal model and can mitigate the negative effects of EMFs, 3G, 4G, and 5G associated with today's technology, allowing you to unlo


How long does it take to notice a change/difference?. The physical reactions to Somavedic vary based on the unique constitution of each individual and they appear gradually. It is necessary to give yourself enough time with it (60 days is ideal). The

Ruby Red

Will you update the device so that it protects against 5g?. We regret to inform you that we are not planning to upgrade this model for 5G protection as the main benefit of Ruby is the promotion of spiritual growth, and stimulation of heart chakra act


Does this product work through walls? My kids’ rooms are next to each other. I’m wondering if I place one in their closet will it still reach the diameter of the rooms?. The effective radius of the Harmony is 50 feet in all directions, and that penet


I would like to try gold and would you recommend it to improve my physical and spiritual level?. If you do not have any experience with Somavedic yet, we would recommend trying out Vedic or Amber first, as we do not offer a 60-day money-back guarante


Do you need a big Somavedic to charge it? Or can it come with its own charger?. The Tiny is a supplement to a Somavedic device, and the only way to charge it is with a Somavedic device. Its effect lasts about 8 hours from an overnight charge and ther

Pendant and Portable

Which is stronger, the pendant or the portable? I'm debating between the two to add to my Vedic. Both Pendant and Portable have the same strength and share the same benefits and protection levels. They both stay charged for 4-5 hours from an overnigh