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AnthraciteUpdated 2 months ago

How long does it take to notice a change/difference?  

The physical reactions to Somavedic vary based on the unique constitution of each individual and they appear gradually. It is necessary to give yourself enough time with it (60 days is ideal). The effects can be measured on bioresonance devices (we recommend the Bicom as it's been one of the best if not the best device in this field). The bioresonance devices measure body functions and the condition of the whole body, EMF and other burdens, etc. quite precisely. You are also able to measure the effects with an HRV tracking device (as Somavedic is increasing HRV) and also with a free radical test (as Somavedic is decreasing the levels of free radicals).

Should I place the Anthracite next to or within 100 feet of the somavedic? 

You can place the Anthracite wherever you feel it´s best :) It can be next to your other Somavedic or in another room. There are no limitations.

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