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Frequently asked questions about Somavedic devices and how to care for them.


The ideal place is in the middle of the flat or on the ground floor in the case of a multi-story house, within 100 feet of the bedrooms and where you and your family spend most of your time. Remember that Somavedic penetrates through walls, floors, a

Water structuring

For the water structuring, please use a glass or plastic container. Leave the container with water next to the Somavedic for at least 20 minutes at the ideal distance within a couple of feet. There mustn't be any metal or other item between the devic

Shall I leave Somavedic turned on all the time?

The device should be turned on all the time to maximize the effects, if possible. The current consumption is minimal - it does not exceed 1 kWh per month.

How do I know I'm being protected from EMFs?

It is measurable by bioresonance devices (such as Bicom). You can also run a home test for (the EMF and other burdens) with Free Radical test strips before using the device and then after some time of using it to measure the difference. The effects a

I'm tired and do not feel well after switching Somavedic on. What should I do?

Adapting to the coherent field of Somavedic can be connected with mild detoxification of deposits, clearing of energy blocks, and harmonizing of the body. The clearing process might temporarily (for the first few hours up to the 1-2 days) cause certa

Does the Somavedic device interfere with other electronic devices?

None of our devices interfere with other electronic devices. They are designed to support the body in repairing itself at a cellular level, not to block EMFs.


Our unique technology combines quantum physics with ancient wisdom. The glass body protects the heart, in which the precious and semi-precious stones are set in a specific arrangement. Copper and silver bands are adjacent to geometrically arranged mi

Is there a blue light in the Somavedic devices?

Some models emit blue or violet spectrum light. If you don't like the light at night, either place the device in a different room or cover it with the lid of the paper box it came in or with a piece of natural fabric.

Care instructions

The stones cannot be removed, and fortunately, cleansing is not necessary. By connecting the device to the mains, the stones are constantly connected with the ground and its original natural environment, and the energetic cleansing and charging are t

Out of stock? Wondering when the item will be back?

Sign up for a back-in-stock notification on the product page (just below the product price) to be automatically notified when the item is available again.

My Somavedic's effects reach our neighbor's flat; are they under its influence against their free will?

First of all, we must think about the meaning of the term "free will". Its definition is as follows: It is the possibility of men to act according to their own decisions, not affected by other (outer) factors in a determinative way. However, quantum