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GoldUpdated 2 months ago

I would like to try gold and would you recommend it to improve my physical and spiritual level? 

If you do not have any experience with Somavedic yet, we would recommend trying out Vedic or Amber first, as we do not offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for Gold as we do for Amber or Vedic. This would be a great start.

How is the gold customized for the individual? 

The Somavedic Gold is a custom-made model created for the individual customer based on the information you provide us with. Once the order is placed, we ask our customers to provide us with more details about them or/and their family, goals, and health history to customize Somavedic Gold for them. This way, our founder Ivan can tune into it and decide on the suitable precious and semi-precious stones that need to be put inside the Somavedic.

What is the effectiveness radius of the gold model. I see the Amber is 2800 sq ft.  What are the differences between these two models?

The effective radius of the Gold is the same as the Amber´s- 2800 sq feet. The Gold is about 2x stronger than the Amber - the coherent field created by the Gold is 2x denser, and more intense than the Amber. Besides, the Gold is our premium custom-made model created for an individual customer.

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