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HarmonyUpdated 2 months ago

Does this product work through walls? My kids’ rooms are next to each other. I’m wondering if I place one in their closet will it still reach the diameter of the rooms? 

The effective radius of the Harmony is 50 feet in all directions, and that penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings so yes, it will reach the diameter of both rooms.

I was just wondering if this Harmony device worked with mitigating 5g as well? I would love one of the bigger devices but my budget is tight right now so the Harmony is the only affordable model for me at the moment. Just curious if it covers 5g like the sky and other models. 

The Harmony is a smaller variant of a more powerful Somavedic Sky, therefore it does not mitigate 5G; it mitigates 3G and 4G and you can compare the Harmony with the other devices here:

Why do you plug this in? 

Great question! Let us explain how Somavedic works: the glass body protects the heart, in which the precious and semi-precious stones are set in a specific arrangement. Adjacent to geometrically arranged minerals are copper and silver bands, which control the gradual release of a low-energy electromagnetic field (frequencies). The device is connected to electricity for more efficient mitigation of harmful substances from space. That’s why elements such as copper, palladium, and gold are also placed in Somavedic. Somavedic is round, as this shape allows for better energy rotation. Unique technology combines knowledge of quantum physics and ancient teachings. Electricity helps the stones to ground and mitigate harmful substances, the device should be switched on all the time, if possible. Electric energy consumption is minimal, it does not exceed 1 kWh per month. This is also how Somavedic indicates that it works 100%. If you unplug your Somavedic, it will still work at about 60% of its full potential.

Is this safe for someone in the home who has a Defibrillator? 

Yes, absolutely. All our Somavedic devices are safe, even for someone who has a defibrillator.

I looked through reviews and didn’t see anything but was wondering if there has been any experience having the device in a carry on bag through security at an airport?  I never check my bag and really thinking about getting the Harmony to take with me on work trips. 

Traveling and airport security checks are safe for the Somavedic. We recommend that you travel with the device only in a carry-on bag and keep it in its original box, as the glass body is fragile.

How do you plug this in when in the car?  

The Harmony also comes with a USB cord so you can plug it in the car, as well.

Your other products take 3 hours to reach full potential. Is it the same for the Harmony? How will that work if I'm using it for shorter distances in the car? 

This depends on how big the space where you have your Somavedic is. When it comes to Harmony and having it in the car, once you plug it in, it reaches its full potential fairly quickly.

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