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I'm tired and do not feel well after switching Somavedic on. What should I do?Updated 2 years ago

Adapting to the coherent field of Somavedic can be connected with mild detoxification of deposits, clearing of energy blocks, and harmonizing of the body. The clearing process might temporarily (for the first few hours up to the 1-2 days) cause certain unpleasant feelings on the physical and mental levels. Therefore, drinking a lot of good quality water is necessary to quickly wash the toxins away from the body and ease the process. This is a normal reaction and is by no means dangerous! You can plug the device for water structuring only and keep it off for the rest of the time. Try plugging it in for a longer time gradually. Your Somavedic still works for 60% of its full potential when off. Your body might need more time to get used to it, which is not rare.

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