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MaterialsUpdated 2 years ago

What's inside Somavedic, and how does it work?

Our unique technology combines quantum physics with ancient wisdom. The glass body protects the heart, in which the precious and semi-precious stones are set in a specific arrangement. Copper and silver bands are adjacent to geometrically arranged minerals, which control a low-energy electromagnetic field (frequencies). The device is connected to electricity. Somavedic is round, as this shape allows for better energy rotation.

Is having vaseline glass in the household safe?

The glass-making in the Czech Republic has a long tradition; it started in the 17th century. The Czech Republic also has a long tradition of making vaseline glass. Vaseline glass containers are clear, yellow, or yellowish-green glass pieces made with 0.1% to 25% uranium dioxide. For our models Medic Green Ultra and Vedic, we use vaseline glass with 0.2% content of uranium dioxide (U3O8). On the lowest end of it, only to get the color right. Using uranium oxide to get the yellow-green to the green color of glass has been known and documented in the Czech Republic for over 160 years. In Europe, among known producers of uranium-colored glass are Germany, Austria, France, and Great Britain; in overseas countries, it's the United States of America. During performed inspections, SÚJB (Statement of State Office for Nuclear Safety) obtained information that recently (2004), American supervisory bodies have been examining a case of delivery of Czech uranium-colored glass into the USA. They closed it without any limiting conditions. Also, an extensive study done by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2001 found that the amount of radiation exposure caused by Vaseline glass to its owner is only 4 millirems per year, which is about 1% of the radiation that an average person is exposed to each year. The radiation is not measurable beyond 2 feet from the objects. This means that owning Vaseline glass is safer than owning many household electronics. You can find out more here.

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