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Ruby RedUpdated 2 months ago

Will you update the device so that it protects against 5g? 

We regret to inform you that we are not planning to upgrade this model for 5G protection as the main benefit of Ruby is the promotion of spiritual growth, and stimulation of heart chakra activity, and in emotional life, the ruby appears as a dynamic stone. You can find more about Ruby here: If you are looking for a model with 5G protection, I recommend the Amber, Vedic, or Sky.

I have the Vedic and recently purchased the Ruby Red—both to be used in the same room. I am curious about the positioning of both devices b/c I prefer to place them side by side, next to each other.  I am curious about how others position multiple devices within their space? 

We hope you are enjoying your Vedic and Ruby. Most of our customers place their Somavedics in different rooms but it is absolutely ok to have them in one room.

I'm interested in purchasing the Ruby Red but am unsure if it can be used without any devices. Will this work for me if this is the only one I have? 

Yes, absolutely! Somavedic Ruby can be used on its own.

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